DuraCoil™ Heat Treated

Spring Coils

All SleepMatics® spring mattresses are made from DuraCoil™ Heat Treated Metal Alloy. We would ensure all the spring coils are heat treated at an optimum 300 Degree Celsius for extra durability.

Your mattress is a playground for allergens

Do you know that mattresses with high level of moisture can often provide an ideal environment for allergens like dust mites to multiply and spread?


Keeping your mattress fresh and clean with antimicrobial protection is essential, especially for allergy sufferers. Antimicrobial is a substance or material that kills or inhibits the growth of microorganisms like bacteria, fungus, or dust mites.

Sanitized® Actifresh

Built-in antimicrobial mattress foam that able to reduced microbial in 99%!

Therapeutic Texture Latex

Assures optimal orthopedic support in any sleep position with cooling comfort.

Sustainable Production

Sustainable production with eco-friendly materials and resources.

Where to buy?

We have more than 30 authorized dealers located near to your place.

What does it cover?

We provide 10 Years Warranty with exclusive terms & conditions.

Who can I contact?

Send us your enquiries and we would get back to you by soonest possible.